• Copy & Soul


    a simple, flexible plan so you'll always have the copy you need - exactly when you need it.

    from bestselling author, copywriter, & brand strategist Jess Drury, CEO & creative director of heartlines copywriting studio.

  • "Expanding horizons" was never officially on your business plan.

    But it should've been. Right next to braving creative edges & taking risks.

    Every choice to expand was a leap of faith,

    a conscious plan,
    a decision,
    which you executed, sweated over, implemented with precision.

    To everyone else, it looked miraculous.

    But YOU know all the tiny steps, all the hours spent, all the moving parts brought into synchronicity just to give you the momentum & with it...

    the chance to expand.

  • Now your business is taking off. From secret-heart dream to a fledgeling enterprise to your very own team.

    And still, the dream expands

  • But so do the demands

    On time. On energy. On frontal cortex breathing room for your creativity. On your capacity to stay within the things you do best. Where you can lead with confidence. And, oh yes, time to actually live life intentionally instead of at the mercy of your calendar.

    That's okay. You can simplify.

    For entrepreneurs who are growing fast.
    Who are ready to let go of the daily/weekly/monthly writing so they can focus on what they love.
    Who are ready to leap & are carefully selecting the team to help them shoot past all their biggest goals.

    It's all about finding the right partnerships to support your dreams.

  • Relationships are everything.

  • If you want to hand off the writing you not-so-secretly hate.

    Then it's time you found a trusted partner, not just a one-off hire. Someone you can connect with, relate to, build trust with rather than a brief love affair.

    Someone who can give your brand a consistent voice, who understands your WHY & knows how to reflect your brand personality. Someone who knows all the intricacies of consumer psychology & persuasive writing techniques that make great copy work. Someone who can talk brand strategy, who can dream with you, see all the moving pieces & still execute each. individual. word.

  • I'm Jess

    The CEO & Creative Director of Heartlines Copywriting Studio & best-selling author of The Power of Personality for Your Small Business.

    I believe creativity is your greatest advantage.

    Your personality should be reflected in every inch of your brand.

    Experimentation is part of being an entrepreneur. Editing is essential. And relationships are everything.


    I don't want to work with just anyone. I hope you feel the same way.

  • I love to surround myself with

    people who challenge me to be better.
    Who ask me to expand my abilities & my realm of possibilities.
    Who inspire me with their passion & their enthusiasm for what they're creating in business & life.
    Who support me & allow me to support them.
    Who I can celebrate with, zero jealousy or envy because competition is an illusion.
    Who value the same things I do.
    Who encourages me to shine without ever asking me to compromise.
    Sounds good, am I right?

  • Relationships are everything.

  • You need to surround yourself with people who are aligned with the business you're consciously creating.

    Are you looking for that magical, unicorn of a copywriter who gets your unique vision?

    Are you looking to form an ongoing relationship with the flexibility that can breathe with your company's changing needs?

    So you can focus on scaling, bringing projects to life faster or just crossing off all those writing tasks that you've been meaning to get to. . .forever.

    Check it out. I've designed a simple, flexible plan so you'll always get the copy you need - exactly when you need it.

  • How It Works

    (aka the details)


    $3097/ month
    (save $2000/month from the standard monthly rate

    • Brand Personality Mix Assessment
    • priority scheduling in my calendar
    • Whatever copy you need (see below)
    • 1 deliverable/ week
    • 2 rounds of feedback with every deliverable
    • detailed psychological explanation of all the copy
    • A 60 min strategy session/month
    • Minimum 3-month contract
  • Copy I love to write

    Don't see what you're looking for? send me an email & let's discuss it! hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com

    Sales Page

    Landing Page


    About Page

    Blog Post

    Freebie Opt-in

    Email Nurture Sequence

    3 - 5 emails



    Contact Page

    Product/ Service Description

    Facebook Ad

    Squeeze Page for Free Opt-in

    Thank You Page

    Social Media Post

  • Mad Love for Heartlines

    Some praise & props for Heartlines Copywriting Studio

    I am now moving forward with confidence.

    Diana Comberiati

    Before working with Jessica Drury of Heartiness, I felt stuck. I had ideas, but I couldn’t narrow down the exact way to say what I wanted to communicate. I tried a few copywriters but they just gave me a grammatically correct version of the notes I provided. Working with Jessica was completely different. She asked questions. Lots of questions. She spent time getting to know what my business was about & how I wanted to present it to the public. I am now moving forward with my website & sales material with confidence. I wish I had found Jessica before I wasted $100’s on other copywriting. I have already recommended Jessica to clients who want premium content for their websites.

    I felt in very good hands.

    Sabine Biesenberger

    Working with Jessica on some of my sales pages was a great experience. As I’m not a native speaker, writing copy & expressing my thoughts in English using the right words is hard… let alone writing emotional-laden & influential copy for a sales page. From the moment I signed up, until the last email exchange, I felt in very good hands. She is a true professional. Due to her fantastic and to the point writing style (drizzled with lots of emotions & real life examples) the copy she delivered captures the readers’ attention & stands out. And thanks to the writing & review process she established the copy was written faster than expected (& as the quality was fantastic it didn’t even need a final round of edits!). Thanks Jessica for your great & timely work that gets me results. I highly recommend you as a copywriter!

    Heartlines provided copy that truly sounded like me.

    April Ebeling

    As a new entrepreneur funds are tight & I'm reluctant to spend money on something I should be able to do myself. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the website copy sounded very generic & lacked personality...not good when you're trying to make sales online! Heartlines came to my rescue & provided copy that truly sounded like me. Jess was very easy to work with & took the time to learn about my business. She's passionate about what she does & has a natural gift with words. I would highly recommend hiring her so that you sound like the professional you are. Good copy is truly priceless...I like to say that she made my copy sing!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    AKA everything you're itching to ask

    1. What happens when I sign up?

    Great question. First, we'll set up a strategy session and see if we're a made-in-online-business-heaven sort of match. Because I only have enough room for a couple of clients to keep on an on-going basis it has to be right. It has to feel good. For both of us. So we'll chat all things business & generally get to know each other. You can ask anything you like about me, my business & this particular offer. And I'll do the same. We'll figure out some common ground & let intuition guide us the rest of the way.

    We'll also talk strategy, from website to social media, to funnels, launching & lead magnets. What you've already done, what you've got planned & where you think you might need some help. Where it's working & where it's not, where it feels good & where you're feeling forced or drained. If you're looking for fresh ideas or just someone to help you implement all the ones you've got.

    If it's a big fat HELL YES for us both then I'll send you an invoice via Paypal. And I'll roll out the Heartlines red carpet via a welcome email with all the details. We'll officially figure out your business personality & how to use that to your marketing advantage. And you'll complete my Creative Brief the doc that gives me ALL the juicy details on who you are & what you do. And never fails to inspire my creative brain to start pumping out the ideas + words.

    You'll get to choose which deliverables you want to focus on for your first month & we can discuss what your vision is for where you're going & what your upcoming needs might be.

    Then, my friend, we're off to the races & some fresh, creative, personality-driven copy that you & your clients will love.

    2. what if I want to sign up for 6 months or 12 months?

    Fantastic!! Here's how the pricing works for 6 months or 12 months.

    6 months $2597 CAD/month (save $2500/month from the standard monthly rate)

    12 months $2097 CAD/month (save $3000/month from the standard monthly rate)

    3. Do you do all the work yourself or do you outsource?

    You can rest assured that when you hire me I'll be the one doing all the work you've contracted me to do.

    4. What kind of turn around time can I expect?

    Most of the time I'm anticipating handing over 1 deliverable/ week. And then 1 week for us to iron out any revisions. So you can anticipate up to 4 deliverables/month. Although this is a brand new offering for me I'm envisioning something close to the process I've used in the past. You can check out what that looks like here.

    5. Will you be available to do the work when I need you?

    Yes, I'll be dedicating time every week to your business & completing your deliverables. That time will always be set aside just for you. And I'll be checking in regularly to make sure I'm meeting all your expectations.

    6. Will I have the option to renew after 3 months?

    Hell yes! My research suggested 3 months was a good get-to-know-you time commitment. It allows you to experiment, test new ideas, execute & see results in your brand. But you can absolutely sign on again for another 3 months.

    7. Why did you call your business Heartlines Copywriting Studio?

    Heartlines is partly a personal reminder that it's okay to follow your own heart & not fall into the trap of letting others opinions drown out your voice. And it's partly a nod to the song "Heartlines" by one of my favourite bands Florence & The Machine. Heartlines is a boutique copywriting & brand strategy studio but I like to describe it this way...


    Heartlines, a courageous + fresh copywriting studio is the result of one creative's attempt to infuse every line with soul + personality in the name of unapologetic self-expression, storytelling with connection & intelligence balanced with heart-led intuition. Because in a world where "sales-y" is a death sentence the only answer...is being yourself.

  • Mad Love for Heartlines

    More praise & props for Heartlines Copywriting Studio

    The right words with the right message for the right audience.

    Marie Hunter

    I had the opportunity to work with Jessica to revamp the copy on various pages of my website. I tried several times to write snappy sales copy to target my specific niche & failed miserably while wasting a lot of time. Jessica helped me craft the right message, with the right words, for the right audience. She truly has a gift for writing copy that captures attention. And in just two short weeks, I was able to revamp my website copy that made me feel confident I was targeting the right people while clearly explaining what I offer. I highly recommend Jessica as a copywriter, especially if you are looking for someone who is quick, professional & has a gift with words.

    Really listened to what I had to say

    Anita Howes

    My experience with Jess was amazing! She sat down with me to review my ideas for my photography website. Questions were asked, she took notes & really listened to what I had to say, the story behind how & why I decided to start up a photography business.
    The process was very easy & actually enjoyable. I don't have the patience for doing stuff like this so when Jess emailed me the rough copies of each page I instantly teared up because she put my background story in there so perfectly & it's such a sentimental thing for me to have in there.
    Jess was very knowledgeable & has an amazing way with words. She had great suggestions, provides input & feedback & is just an all around fabulous person. I would highly recommend her to anyone that doesn't have the time or patience, or just wants a very professional, polished-up website. I'm very proud of the way everything came together, could not be happier.

    She took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience.

    Jen Allison

    Jess was a perfect fit for me. Her attention to detail, professionalism & care for you & your business is apparent from the first interaction. Her process was precise, professional & seamless.

    She walked me through the evolution of the copy to help me understand how she arrived at the final options. I can’t express how much I appreciated her sharing this with me. I felt she really took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience & because of that and she nailed it! I will definitely be working with Jess again & would highly recommend her multiple times over.

  • The only way to truly expand is with relationships that support your growth.

    If you think we're a good fit let's schedule a virtual coffee date.

  • Want to Try Before You Buy?

    Do you want to know for sure that we'll creatively collaborate with ease & you'll fall in love with my words & process? No worries. I get it.

    Just send me a message requesting the a la carte pricing page & pick one small project to try. Maybe it's a landing page, an About page or a sequence of emails. Whatever you choose there's no long-term commitment.

    If you love the way we work together then you can feel oh so confident when you choose a retainer like copy & soul.